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Fri 8th July 2022
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Introduction to Grasses
Grasses occur throughout a wide range of British habitats and can form the bulk of the vegetation of a site therefore accurate identification is essential to correctly survey a site for management purposes.
Time: 09.30 to 17.00
Venue: Three Hagges Woodmeadow
Cost: £50 or £45 for Volunteers/Friends.

This course will cover the formal taxonomic differences between grasses, sedges and rushes and enable participants to identify the most common grasses. Identification keys will be introduced and participants will be encouraged to make their own voucher specimens.
Classroom sessions will be preceded by visits into the woodmeadow to enable participants to become familiar with the diagnostic features and terminology that is peculiar to these plants.  Diagnostic characters are often small, so participants will be able to become confident in the use of hand-lenses. Collecting and pressing samples will be demonstrated and field guides will be discussed as well as floras and the use of diagnostic keys.
Both flowering and vegetative keys and characters will be used to give greater flexibility when identifying species throughout the year. Grasses are a large and complex family and the onus will be placed on enabling participants to be able to go away with the necessary knowledge and confidence to continue to develop their skills independently, in the habitats with which they are familiar.