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Mon 5th July 2021
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Scything and Meadow Management
A joint workshop with St Nicks Environment Centre which will introduce scything and grassland management strategies.
Time: 10am to 4pm
Venue: Three Hagges Woodmeadow
Cost: £60 or organisations and £50 for individuals

Join Jonathan Dent, St Nicks Natural Habitats Manager and experienced scythe tutor, and Dan Carne, Woodmeadow Officer at Woodmeadow Trust for this workshop which will include a practical session introducing the skill of scything, as well as a session on grassland management strategies which are essential for maximising the wildlife potential of meadows and grassland.

Jonathan will teach you how to use traditional Austrian scythes for managing wildlife rich grasslands.  Scythes can be used for cutting grass, nettles, brambles, weeds and up to 1-hear old self-seeded saplings, which makes them a really versatile and green tool. 

The session will cover:

  • Practical mowing and blade sharpening skills to use a scythe effectively and safely.
  • Correct setting up of scythes and handles for body sizes.
  • Health and safety when mowing.
  • How scythe use can maximise the wildlife potential of meadows and grassland.
  • How scything can empower and engage individuals and community groups.

Dan will focus on grassland management strategies and will discuss the merits of the scythe, petrol strimmer's and tractor mowers.

The event will take place on a sown wildflower meadow at Three Hagges Woodmeadow.

Scythes will be available to borrow on the day, however, please do bring your own if you have one.