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Fri 29th April 2022
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Beginners Bumblebee ID Course
Learn the basics of identifying bumblebee species on this one-day course and gain all the skills you'll need to carry out a BeeWalk survey.
Time: 09.30 - 16.00
Venue: Education Cabin, Three Hagges Woodmeadow
Cost: £15

This one-day course led by Dr Richard Comont from The Bumblebee Conservation Trust will provide an introduction to bee identification with a focus on bumblebees.  Learn about bumblebee ecology, the basics of recognising bees and how to identify eight common bumblebee species.  Gain all the skills needed to carry out a BeeWalk including a transect and recording and submitting your results.

What is a BeeWalk? BeeWalk is a national recording scheme run by The Bumblebee Conservation Trust to monitor the abundance of bumblebees on transects across the country.