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Our Vision

Re-wilding our countryside

We are a pioneering charity taking practical action to address the catastrophic decline in biodiversity in the UK.  We are doing this by creating 'woodmeadow' - a thriving woodland and meadow ecosystem, tomorrow's ancient woodland.

Our research is supporting the re-wilding of our countryside, restoring lost wildflowers and renewing pollinator habitats.

Our vision is to fight back against the decline in biodiversity by creating a network of woodmeadows across the UK.

Making up for losses
According to the State of Nature Report 2013, the losses in biodiversity during the past century include the disappearance of almost 97% of flower rich meadows, a drastic loss in hedgerows, and at least 90% of coppice woodland between 1900 and 1970. Despite an increase of 7% in the area of broadleaved woodland in the UK since 1990, the diversity of woodland flowers has declined by almost 20%.  In the State of Nature Report 2016, 56% of our species were reported to be under threat.  

Three Hagges Woodmeadow seed mixes

The meadows and glades at of Three Hagges Woodmeadow are sown with lowland meadow flora, to replicate the floodplain meadows that once were so much a part of the rural heritage on the fertile Ouse-Derwent floodplain. Our site-specific meadow mixes form the base of the ecological pyramid that is the feeding and breeding place for an incredible diversity of insects, birds and mammals.

The whole ecosystem

We focus on the ecosystem as a whole. We want to ensure that every new woodmeadow includes grassland merging into a graduated woodland edge (a close equivalent to lost hedgerows) with flowering and fruiting shrubs and small trees, ranging through to a high canopy of forest trees.

With sympathetic management, woodmeadow produces the structural diversity that provides a haven for a wide range of wildlife, buzzing with insects, alive with birdsong and replete with the wild flowers and grasses they all depend on. 

Our nursery

A nursery area near the Woodmeadow has been set up where seed, primarily of local provenance, is being sown by volunteers and nurtured into mature plants to enhance the site with further species typical of meadow and ancient woodland.

Our impact

You can read in Woodmeadow Voices the impact that the woodmeadow is having on politicians, conservationists and the wider public.