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Film 14 The Natural Capital of Woodmeadows
Woodmeadows are mixtures of woodland and meadow that combine the biodiversity of both habitats. Experts have been taken by surprise at the rate that wildlife has moved in.
Film 13 Woodmeadow matters
Ros Forbes Adam talks about the benefits and future opportunities for woodmeadow.
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Film 12 Woodmeadow Trust on Sky News
Rosalind Forbes Adam talks on Sky News in January 2020 about carbon sequestration and bio-diversity.
Film 11 A Film of a supporter
A supporter of The Woodmeadow Trust, talks about her memories of growing up on a farm close to the trust's pilot site Three Hagges Woodmeadow and the work of the trust.
Film 10 Shrubadubdub
Shrubadubdub, gives a close-up look at a just a small section of the wildlife that lives in Three Hagges Woodmeadow. The film is based on just one of the ten thousand shubs and trees that have been planted at the woodmeadow. It was planned, scripted, filmed and edited, in just two days by Charlotte, Ellie and Mya during our Eco Explorers Film workshop held in July 218. We would like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund and Project Wild CIC for their support of this project.
Film 9 The Grass Snake
An amazing film shot by Owen Baxter during our 2018 Eco Explorers Film Workshop. The film was shot at our pilot site Three Hagges Woodmeadow in July. We would like to thank The Heritage Lottery Fund for their support of the project and Project Wild CIC for thier assistance during the film weekend.
Film 8: April Showreel
In 2016 Nick Atherton, a then undergraduate filmmaker, who studied Biology at the University of York produced a film of the wildlife that lives in Three Hagge Woodsmeadow. This project funded by Santander Universities enabled us to have a record of accurate wildlife footage from our woodmeadow.
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Film 7: Building a Bodgers’ Den in the Woodmeadow
In this film Ben Chester explains the construction and management plan for our new Bodgers’ Den, a rustic woodmeadow workshop where we’ll be hosting training sessions in traditional rural crafts. Woodmeadow breakfasts and summer barbeques are also planned so please check our events’ page for updates as details are confirmed.
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Film 6: A School Visit to Three Hagges Woodmeadow.
Staff and puils from Escrick C of E Primary School and Riccall Primary School demonstrate the wonderful facility that the woodmeadow offers to support Key Stage 1 & 2 cross curricular studies.
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Film 5: Using Green Hay as Seed
This little film shows you how to create an ancient woodland meadow from hay seed.
Film 4: Compost and Coffee with Bettys
This film filmed by Claudia Nye records a visit to Three Hagges Woodmeadow by volunteers from Betty’s Tree Group.
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