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Corporate Partnerships

As a corporate partner you can help us achieve our aims by supporting an area of our work or a capital project. We will work with you to create a tailored package of benefits that may include PR opportunities, your staff, your customers, schools and the local community.

We are a pioneering and forward-looking charity, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and can provide a range of sponsorship opportunities tailored to meet your business’s charitable needs, starting from as little as £100.

As a charitable organisation, we rely on funding and donations to meet our aims:

  • The creation of woodmeadows rich in wildlife
  • Community engagement
  • Research
  • Outdoor education for children and adults
  • Increasing natural biodiversity
  • Citizen Science
  • Advocacy for woodmeadow creation

If you are interested in supporting us as a corporate partner, please contact

Click here for a list of current supporters

We believe businesses, the community and our charitable organisation can work together for mutual benefits. The Woodmeadow Trust with its innovative, energetic and dedicated team will plan with you to maximise the benefits to your organisation whilst furthering our key charitable objectives of enhancing the environment around us and informing all those we meet about the wonders of our native wildlife.

The Trustees, The Woodmeadow Trust.

We will use your gift to

  • Continue the work of creating and managing Three Hagges Woodmeadow.
  • Monitor and research best practice for creating wildlife habitat for biodiversity.
  • Offer education to children and adults on nature and ecology through events and workshops.
  • Encourage gardeners, communities, farmers and land managers to create new woodmeadows across the UK.
  • Raise awareness about our vulnerable native flora.
  • Build a team of volunteers to gain new skills, build a community and enjoy nature.
  • Communicate our progress.