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Our 'Eco-Explorers' project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
It provided an opportunity for 1,141 local young people to learn about their natural heritage with talks in schools and through a series of workshops, led by experts at Three Hagges Woodmeadow.  The focus was on demonstrating the importance of developing and sustaining biodiversity. 
We taught young people the skills to conduct wildlife recording surveys and to critically think about the findings of their research.  This gave them a better understanding of the population dynamics of native flora and fauna within the context of woodmeadow. 
We also taught young people the skills to make their own wildlife documentary.  And we opened their eyes to go out and look at nature and wildlife through our Snapwild Wildlife Photography competition.  We also worked with the Guide and Scout association in creating a woodland themed badge.
We are extremely grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for making this project possible. 
Please download our Eco-Explorers Evaluation report to read more about this project.