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A Garden Woodmeadow is the follow on from the blog To Mow or Not To Mow written by Founder and Director of Projects Rosalind Forbes Adam.  It looks at planning a garden woodmeadow no matter what size of garden you have. It provides useful information on which native trees you could introduce as well as which wildflowers work well in woodland edges or in spaces. 
The aim of this study was to illustrate how natural capital concepts and tools can measure and communicate the benefits of the new woodmeadow created at Three Hagges Woodmeadow (THWM) in Yorkshire.
Pat and Jim Bone visit Three Hagges Woodmeadow regularly throughout the year and compile a record of our butterfly population.
Butterfly site record sheet for 2020 at Three Hagges Woodmeadow.

A natural capital assessment case study of Three Hagges Woodmeadow.

Nick Atherton from Wild Studios Project Wild has produced this film guide for enthusiasts who are interested in preserving wildlife.
Invertebrate report for 2019 for Three Hagges Woodmeadow.
This was produced for our 2017 Discovery Day event however you will find some of the nature activities useful.
Details of our outdoor learning programme for primary education sessions and school group visits.
Information to consider or provide before your school visit.