Bee Hotel
Bodgers' Den
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Bee Hotel & Bodgers' Den

Bee Hotel

  • The bee hotel was constructed by a team of volunteers in the autumn/winter 2015-2016, and inspired by young ecologist Ryan Clark.
  • It was built on a bed of pallets with a range of recycled materials such as bricks, bamboo canes, rubble, and floral foam with materials having a range of different sizes of perforations to suit different species of solitary bees.
  • The turf roof was kindly donated by ‘Lindum turf’ meadow mix comprising of 28 species of meadow flowers seeded into recycled carpet.
  • 20% of the numerous holes and canes were occupied in 2016
  • In its first year in operation, the Bee Hotel proved rather successful in attracting nests of target bee and wasp communities, and attracting their parasites, including the ruby-tailed wasp Chrysis corusca, which has not yet been added to the British list; indeed, it’s discovery here is only the second or third British record (D. Chesmore, pers. comm.) (Andrew Grayson report 2016).

Bodgers' Den

  • Bodgers' den was built by Ben Chester and his team in the summer of 2015. It is a traditional shelter made of materials found in the woodland.
  • The bodgers' den provides shelter and an excellent base for our school education visits, discovery days and volunteer days. The central firepit provides great warmth for hosting our evening barbeques and woodmeadow breakfasts.
  • The bodgers’ den looks out over the Peterken meadow; the following recorded insects are of interest (Andrew Grayson report 2016)
    • Dolichovespula saxonica- known as the Saxon wasp - a common ‘social wasp’ established a nest under the roof of Bodgers' den in 2016.
    • Red-tailed bumble bee (Bombus lapidaries)
    • The Devil’s coach-horse beetle (Ocypus olens)